Frequently asked questions

What kind of tutoring does Kids Ivy Tutors offer?

Your child is unique and so is our approach. Whether your child is struggling with scores and confidence, needs more practice with a particular subject or simply just want to stand out among their peers, our personalized tutoring program is here for them. Our program works for students in pre-k to the 12th grade and cover subjects within reading, math, writing, homework help, study skills, state test prep, regents prep and college prep.

What kind of training do Kids Ivy Tutors have?

Our tutors are the heart and soul of who we are. Our tutors represent college students, hence our near-peer model, aiming to become pioneers within the education field. They are trained, experienced and certified on the KIT instructional techniques, each tutor has his or her own expertise and understands the curriculum — ensuring your child will be successful.

How often does my child need to meet with his tutor?

Based on the package you've subscribed to, your child can meet as often as you would like! If your child needs intensive tutoring to get back on track, we do recommend at least a two hours session every week. Consistency is key! At times, we know that a child's afterschool activity may be strenuous in any given week. To help with that problem, we offer convenient and flexible evening and weekend sessions. We’ll work together to create a schedule that works for both your family and our tutors.

What if I am having problems with my tutor?

That should never be the case but if you are, simply email us with your issue at or give us a call at 347-509-5487. We always have you and your child best interest in mind.


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