Introducing Whole-child Curriculum

A Curriculum To Create Pathways For The Future Of Work

Beyond the core subjects, children need to be taught technical and soft skills among other information to ensure they are ready for college and eventually a career.

As technology has become pervasive in the classroom and the workplace, solid technical skills are essential for every student.

Education needs to equip today's young people with the skills to thrive in tomorrow's world

Our Focus

There are six components to a whole-child curriculum: 

Relevant and

Transferable Skills

Project-Based Learning 

 Multimodality Learning 





Design Thinking / Creativity

How does it work?

At Kids Ivy Tutors, we aim to prepare, educate and innovate youth of the 21st century through our Whole-Child Curriculum. Kids Ivy Tutors partners with organizations, institutions, educators and communities to revolutionize the way education is developed and delivered. We are using the latest approach to tailor programs to best fit school needs. 

Kids Ivy Tutor's partnership model connects sponsors to schools and organizations so we can deliver a branded, engaging workshop in 21st-century skills. We work with corporations who want to sponsor education for underserved students. We help them partner with the appropriate schools as well as the third-party education providers. Your sponsorship allows us to deliver these courses free of charge so the students can learn the skills they need to succeed beyond the classroom.  


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